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I was given a free copy of this book to review.


Authors: Robin Nieto and Logan Nieto
Illustrator: Ellie Lieberman

Duke, the master of his house, wakes to find an intruder to his domain. Daisy, a new pup, just arrived and will now, much to Daisy’s surprise, share Duke’s house with him. How will Duke handle this new challenge? Well, you’re just going to have to read Daisy Comes Home, a new book in a series of books called The Adventures Of Duke And Daisy.


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I was given a copy to review.

Author: Becky Benishek
Illustrator: Kelly Cline

Are you thinking of making a major change in your life? First look at what is at the end of your nose. Another way of saying the grass is not always greener on the other side. Learn how a snail named Sidney who is bored with living in a town called Slipperyville finds out what’s at the end of his nose. Maybe you will learn to discover new things in your own backyard.


Author: Gloria Lintermans
Illustrator: Kristina Tosic

#childrensbooks #childrenbooks #bookreview #author #illustrator #reviews #children #kids

I was given a copy to review.

This is the first hardcover children book I have reviewed. It reminded me of the Dr. Seuss books I used to read.

If you would like a book to help teach your child about self-esteem this book is for you. Sam, a kitten, finds himself with his newly adopted family and a boy named Alex. He then meets other cats in his backyard, a Persian cat, and two tabby cats. Sam knows they’re different from him and that makes him feel bad. I mean Sam is the only cat without a tail. Things change when Sam meets Aunt Marsha. You learn how this meeting improves Sam’s self-esteem. You’ll also learn some other ways to improve your own child’s self-worth. A great book to read at bedtime or any time. The illustrations are also really great.


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I was given a copy to review.

Author: Nick Jones
Illustrator: Si Clark


Just seeing the cover of this book you know you’re in for a fun read.

What happens when you’re bullied and at the same time have a wish come true? Well for Sarah it doesn’t go so well. Learn what happens and enjoy some great illustrations. A very nice and colorful book.


Sarah s Shadow Kindle edition by Nick Jones Si Clark Children Kindle eBooks AmazonSmile


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I was given a copy to review.

Author: John P. Curtin, Jr. and Sr.
Illustrations: John P. Curtin Jr.

Riho is a strong, young rhinoceros who is very friendly and has a lot of friends: Liam the lion, Joey the bear, and Carrot the rabbit. Being strong can sometimes be a problem. Learn what happens during one of those times. Find out how it helps to have good friends. Along the way, enjoy some very colorful illustrations.


Rhio Saves The Big Day John P Curtin Jr John P Curtin Sr 9780996904407 Amazon com Books


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I was given a copy of this book to review.

Author and illustrator: Maria Yiagou

Learn your ABCs with cute illustrations and words. Each page has a letter with illustrations and words corresponding to the letter. For example: “Aa Ate the Apple”.

Maia Yiagou’s learning books are always a fun way to teach your child.


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I was given a copy to review.


Author: Kendra Andrus
Illustrator: Sorinel Carstiuc

Chasing Sunsets is a book about just that. Mom decides it would be a good idea to get all her kids together and go watch a sunset from the best location she can find. This is going to require a long drive in the car to get there. Now, I am lazy so I would have just told all the kids to look west. However, this mom is a better person than I am so the adventure begins. All the illustrations were colorful, and there were lots of animals, people, and a colorful sky. But let’s not forget the gorgeous sunset. I liked the book very much and it was nice to see someone give God the glory for all things in our world.


Chasing Sunsets Kendra Andrus Sorinel Carstiuc 9780999544402 Amazon com Books