The Terry Treetop Collection

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This a collection of Terry Treetop books and the Abigail series.

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It includes:
TERRY TREETOP: Finds New Friends
TERRY TREETOP: Where Is My Home?
TERRY TREETOP: Saves The Dolphin
TERRY TREETOP: The Little Bear



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The Jungle Adventure
The Sahara
The North Pole Adventure
The Island Adventure

I have reviewed every book from this collection on my blog so take a look at my past reviews and future reviews to see how good this collection truly is.



I was given a free copy to review.

Moey’s Big Back Yard

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Rochelle Lazauskas (author)
Teresa Amehana Garcia (illustrator)

Moey, or Moe, is the author’s dog. Reading the books forward will make you cry. Be ready!

Moe must have been a great dog and thanks to this book, we get to spend one afternoon with Moe and all his friends. Moe had a lot of friends…I mean a lot! In fact almost a zoo full of friends. I was going to name them all but you’re going to have to just buy the book and find out for yourself.

This book is put together perfectly for reading aloud to a child or a group of kids. By kids, I don’t mean baby goats but I think baby goats would like the book, too. The fonts are large so it’s great because as you’re reading it, the children can read along. All the illustrations are also large and easy to see if a child, or group of children, reads along with you.

I believe this is Rochelle Lazauskas first book. Well done!

I was given the book free to review.


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Author & illustrator: Jason Bessler

I was a little tired when I picked up Jason’s book, Witch’s Mess, to review. I planned to just take a quick look through the book and read it later.

Well, I could not put this book down. It is amazing! The artwork alone will leave you breathless. In fact, although the story is great, your money would be well spent if there were no words at all, just the artwork to look at and I know you will want to look at the artwork over and over.


If you ever saw the TV show or play The Odd Couple, you’ll understand poor Broom’s frustration. I believe the story is one of true friendship and the importance of thinking of others feelings and concerns.



At the time of this review, the book can only be purchased on the author’s website. If I were you I would do that NOW!

Learn more about the book here:

I was given the book free to review.


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Becky Benishek (Author)

‎ Kelly Cline (Illustrator)


Dr. Guinea Pig George is a book about a doctor who owns a guinea pig. It just so happens the Guinea Pig and the doctor are both named George. When I review a children’s book I always read it with the mind of a child stuck in this old body.

I am only one person so my reviews are my opinion only. I am sure others feel differently. I found the book a bit confusing. I mean the story was good and fun. Just thought a really young person because both characters had the same name Could be confused.  I also would have liked the illustrations to be more colorful. The art was very nice and got the point across. I just think children enjoy more colors. At least I do.


Am I saying it’s not worth your money? No way. The whole idea of a pig helping a doctor is funny. Heck, I live in Redding, California where the doctors are so bad I wish I had George the guinea pig to go see.

More about the author: 

Gertrude and Toby’s Friday Adventure

Author: Shari Tharp
Illustrator: Jim Heath

I decided to just tell you everything about the book so you don’t have to buy it. Just kidding! I am always kidding, I am a kidder. See what I did there.? The main character in the book is Gertrude, a baby goat, and a baby goat is called a kid. How clever of me!

I love to read books about adventures and just let my mind take me on a journey with the characters. Even though this is a picture book, there is enough of a story to let your mind go on the journey with Gertrude and Toby. Toby is Gertrude’s best friend. Not like Facebook friends but real friends.


They both love Fridays best because that’s when farmer Sam leaves the farm so Gertrude and Toby can go on Friday adventures. This adventure is so much fun. Even though they are just trying to find the market, you get to meet some amazing folks along the way. , folks I am sure you already know. I love how the author blended fairytales we all know into Gertrude and Toby’s adventure. I also love the illustrations. The facial expressions are priceless and make sure you don’t just skim through the artwork or you’ll miss all the other little critters who pop in and out. I loved this book and am looking forward to the next adventure.


P.S. I am so glad Gertrude didn’t eat the apple.

For more about Shari Tharp:

RONALDO – The Reindeer Flying Academy

written and illustrated by Maxine Sylvester

First I want to start by giving Maxine Sylvester praise for the great illustrations in this book. You can tell she is a gifted artist. It left me wanting to see more of her illustrations.

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The story idea is great; a town where only reindeer live. Yes, the same reindeer that can become one of Santa’s team if their skills are good enough because Santa only takes the best of the best, kind of like the Navy Seals of reindeer.

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The story focuses on Ronaldo, a little reindeer that lives in the town and goes to the Reindeer Flying Academy. The real message of the story is: “IMAGINE! See it, feel it, believe it! You can do anything if you truly believe in yourself.”

So, if you’re looking for a fun chapter book with an interesting story and great illustrations, this is the book for you.

There are other Ronaldo books as well. See links below.


RONALDO – The Reindeer Flying Academy


Ronaldo: The Phantom Carrot Snatcher (Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer Book 2)

Ronaldo: Rudi’s Birthday Extravaganza (Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer Book 3)


Written by: Tali Carmi
Illustrated by: Mindy Liang

Terry is a 5-year old little boy who loves to climb the trees. This summer he is going camping where there are lots of trees.


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This book is full of great illustrations that are colorful and fun to look at. You will learn about the different animals Terry finds when he goes on his journey to find who lost an egg. You will meet Sandy the turtle, Ally the Alligator, Fergie the frog, and Betty the Hen. You’ll also meet one more but I don’t want to give the whole story away. You’ll also learn how the moms take care of all their babies. That was fun!


I liked this book very much. It has almost everything I look for in a book. There are nice colorful images and you get to learn without knowing you’re learning. I had fun reading it. You and yours will enjoy it, too.

Buy it here: BUY HERE

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