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I was given a free copy of this book to review.
Author: K. Meador
Illustrator: Ellie Loseby

You don’t see many stories about sloths. Probably because, well they are sloths and sloths don’t do much. This, however, is a story about just that.

Stacey Lynn is a girl who is playing on the beach when low and behold, she sees a sloth swimming in the water. Well, that alone should grab your attention to make you want to read more. If not, did I mention there is a genie and some flying and also, wishes? How cool is that!


#childrensbooks #childrenbooks #bookreview #author #illustrator #reviews #children #kids

I was given a free copy of this book to review.


Author: Lindsay Achtman
Illustrator: Gayanjali Munasinghe

This story takes place in the not too distant future if we let it.
In this story kids and adults no longer talk to each other. Teachers don’t talk to their students, students don’t talk to their teachers, and parents don’t talk to their children. Why? Because everyone is to busy on their phones, tablets, PCs and game systems until one day the power in town goes out. (I suppose this town doesn’t have any battery back up).

What will everyone do? The teacher, Mr. Tweet, knows just what to do. It’s a nice story that tries to teach us to stop looking down and start looking around.