Moey’s Big Back Yard

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Rochelle Lazauskas (author)
Teresa Amehana Garcia (illustrator)

Moey, or Moe, is the author’s dog. Reading the books forward will make you cry. Be ready!

Moe must have been a great dog and thanks to this book, we get to spend one afternoon with Moe and all his friends. Moe had a lot of friends…I mean a lot! In fact almost a zoo full of friends. I was going to name them all but you’re going to have to just buy the book and find out for yourself.

This book is put together perfectly for reading aloud to a child or a group of kids. By kids, I don’t mean baby goats but I think baby goats would like the book, too. The fonts are large so it’s great because as you’re reading it, the children can read along. All the illustrations are also large and easy to see if a child, or group of children, reads along with you.

I believe this is Rochelle Lazauskas first book. Well done!

I was given the book free to review.


I live in an RV with my wife Linda, I am Retired. Sometimes I work part time jobs when I am really bored.

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