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Author: K. Meador
Illustrator: Ellie Loseby


Craig is a small boy who likes airplanes. We never get to know Craig’s age, which is important because there are a lot of words used in this book that if you knew nothing about aviation you would be confused.

I have aviation experience from my time in the Navy. I would imagine most children between the ages of 4-8, which is the recommended age for this book, would ask a lot of questions or they would not get a lot out of the book. I can’t really say it’s a picture book because there is just one image used over and over.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 4.09.26 PM

If your child has an interest in aviation you can buy them this book. I suggest you read the book first, then look up all the aviation terms and use it as a learning experience.




Spot: A Sea Pup’s Survival Guide

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By Laura Knight
Edited by Rachael Salas
Illustrated by Aarin Stewart
Photographs by Richard Salas


A true learning book; great for teachers and parents.

We meet Spot, a sea lion pup who lives in the ocean. I believe there are two main purposes of this book. First is to teach the importance of keeping our oceans clean. Spot, the sea lion is the main character and we find out what happens if our seas are not clean.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 9.40.17 AM

Second, we get to learn about sea life through what the author calls “fun facts”. For example, an octopus has three hearts. That’s funny because I know some people who are heartless.

The last two pages have a section called “help kids to make the connections and ask questions”. You can use this to reinforce what you have just learned.


Squeaky and the Stinky Mouse

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Author: Sarah Cash

Illustrations: Jason Smith

I really liked reading Squeaky and the Stinky Mouse. The illustrations were very detailed and full of color. Children like colors.
But there is also a great lesson to be learned by reading this book.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 3.46.01 PM

Why are children’s books just for children? Since I have been reviewing children’s books I’ve come to realize adults should be learning these lessons also. So kids, make sure you let your mom and dad read this book, too.

Oh, I forgot the story…..

Lucky for Squeaky, he lives in a house where the residents are a little messy. So when he goes food hunting he almost always finds food.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 3.46.19 PM
One day along comes Stinky Mouse. This is when the adventure begins. I live in California so I know exactly where Squeaky is coming from. Here we have a lot of stinky mice but we call them transients. So you see I may have to learn the same lesson Squeaky has learned. I am not going to give away any more details about this wonderful book. You’re just going to have to buy a copy and read it for yourself. Buy it, read it, then be nice and pass it on.




The Witch’s Mess For Sale

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I have launched my first eBay listing for my soon to come children book eBay store.

I would love to help sell yours. Please contact me for details.

My first book is from a new author Jason Besslor.




Sister Girl And The Training Wheels

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Author: Nicole Fenner

This was a very fun and thrilling book to read. The artwork makes the story come alive. Sister Girl decides she wants to learn to ride a bike. I kept hoping we would learn Sister Girl’s real name but we never do.


Her dad is a great example of a real man and good dad which is something we need more of these days. In fact, I know the story was focusing on Sister Girl, however, I was impressed by her dad. I think a lot of “men” can learn something by reading this book. I suggest reading it as a family and maybe even buying a copy for a dad you know.


Esmeralda Grunch and the Red Tulip

Author: Debbie Manber Kupfer
Illustrator: Tina Wijesiri

Esmeralda is a fairy who lives in a red tulip. The illustrations are simple and colorful. I think children would have fun trying to copy the pictures. As for the story, you spend a part of the time with Esmeralda and some time with the red tulip. The red tulip thinks Esmeralda is ungrateful. There weren’t really any lessons to be learned. It’s just a short story but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 12.11.46 PM




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No little boys were hurt in the writing of this book.

Terry, the tree climbing little boy, is at it again. This time Terry is on top of a tree, Where else? Terry is in his tree house where he realizes it’s the start of spring. This makes Terry very happy. You’ll learn about bears and how they spent their winters.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 11.00.24 AM

You’ll meet Barry the bear cub. As always the artwork is fun and full of colors. This is my fifth Terry Treetop book to review. I liked them all and so will you.



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